Toothed belt wheels

Toothed belt (also called timing belt) wheels and pulleys are available with a wide variety of profiles and holes – and in numerous sizes and versions.

Toothed belt pulleys are drive pulleys for toothed belts that must always be precisely matched to the associated toothed belt profile. Toothed belt systems in the form of toothed belt drives are often used in drive technology in vehicles, manufacturing facilities, and in the food and beverage industry.

Timing belt drives are a type of positive traction drive. These drives use timing belts and timing belt wheels to transmit torque between two distant shafts (e.g. two rotating input or output shafts). The toothed belts are slightly pretensioned and, thanks to their positive locking, can be used for control tasks in internal combustion engines as well as for drives in printing presses.

Toothed belt pulleys and toothed belt wheels with positive gearing have pockets or teeth around their outer circumference. Tooth pockets mate with the drive lugs on the belt’s inner circumference. If gearing is in the form of teeth, the teeth mate with the depressions in the timing belt.

Both versions generate a form closure or form lock between the pulley surface and the toothed belt. This prevents fluctuations in speed and belt slippage when the toothed belt system is in motion. Thanks to positive gearing, power transmission is highly efficient and rotational speeds and circumferential speeds are high. Other outstanding characteristics of toothed belt drives with toothed belt wheels are their positioning accuracy and repetition accuracy.

The smaller the profile of the toothed belt, the more precise the drive; the larger the profile of the timing belt, the greater the tensile force of the timing belt pulley. You can select the toothed belt shape and resulting timing belt pulley that are exactly right for your system based on the belt width and the desired transmission ratio.

The most common materials used for toothed belt wheels are stainless steel, steel, aluminum, bronze, brass, iron and engineering plastics. The pre-bored version of the toothed pulley is often made from steel, gray cast iron or aluminum. Possible diameters for timing belt pulleys and timing belt wheels are between 5 mm and 150 mm.

We manufacture high-quality timing belt wheels based on your precise specifications and according to the applicable ISO and DIN standards.

In addition to standard timing belt pulleys, we also offer you special toothed pulleys manufactured to meet your own individual needs.

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