Reluctor Rings

A reluctor ring (also known as a measuring wheel) is used in various applications in machine development, especially in engines. The reluctor ring is generally flange-mounted on an encoder with speed sensors and position sensors, and it works on the basis of rotations that are converted to an electrical output signal. These rotational movements on shafts or other machine parts are recorded based on measurements by the encoder’s sensors. Along with other rotational movements, drive shafts are associated with linear movements. Thanks to measuring wheels, it is possible to record direct linear movements using measuring devices. Reluctor ring encoders use these linear movements to perform track, distance and length measurements.
The reluctor ring precisely determines the exact position and rotational speed of the camshaft or crankshaft in a machine’s gear unit. For measuring via sensors, reference marks in the form of a tooth, grooves or lugs are placed on the measuring wheel. The position of the reference mark depends on the size and rotational speed of the measuring wheel and is made of a ferromagnetic material. Reluctor ring scanning is performed by a sensor with magnetoresistive sensor elements. The values obtained through this measuring technology are forwarded to the machine’s control unit that manages all processes. Because the captured data is also used for a machine’s safety-relevant components, the data recorded by the sensor measurement of measuring wheels must be extremely accurate and high-quality. Thanks to our high-precision manufacturing and strict inspections, we guarantee the measurement accuracy and quality of our reluctor rings. Among other things, they are decisive for the emissions output and smooth running of modern internal combustion engines.

The strength and the maximum permissible rotational speed at which the measuring wheels can be used are determined by the size and design of the measuring wheel. The circumference of a reluctor ring depends on the resolution of the encoder.

Over 50 years of experience producing reluctor rings

  • Manufacturing complete with the necessary threads, grooves and holes
  • Flexible design and the possibility of customized reluctor rings, thanks to customer-specific manufacturing
  • Precision in manufacturing, thanks to the use of state-of-the-art turning-milling machines and hobbing machines

Our cutting-edge machines provide us and our customers with a wide range of manufacturing options for measuring wheels. Thanks to our highly experienced specialists, innovative technology, and automatic loading systems, we achieve maximum cost-efficiency that is reflected in high quality and an excellent cost-benefit ratio.
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