Laser Marking – every gear is unique thanks to special lasers!

The Hänel quality assurance system is supported by the latest laser and engraving technology. Our laser marking system gives each Hänel gear a unique identification according to customer specifications. Laser marking is the marking or “labeling” of objects using a laser beam. Unlike simple laser printing on the material’s surface, laser marking changes the surface of the workpiece using a concentrated, pulsed laser beam. Exactly how the laser changes the material depends on the laser’s wavelength and power density.
Laser markings on gears are durable, smudge-proof and water-proof. Laser technology is ideal for numbering individual parts or gears, because it also allows extremely small identifiers like QR codes or barcodes to be applied. 

Laser marking offers numerous benefits compared to other marking methods on the market:
- Laser marking is environmentally friendly compared to other types of labeling
- Laser markings are durable, thanks to their thermal resistance
- Laser marking causes no material wear
Laser marking gives you extreme flexibility and identification of the highest quality!


Laser engraving

Laser engraving removes material to create the desired engraving. This technology can be used to engrave a variety of materials. The engraving itself is performed by means of a melting and evaporation process. The power density of the laser used in this procedure is so high that the material melts during machining. The result is laser engraving on the material.

Laser engraving offers numerous benefits compared to other marking methods on the market:

- Durable marking that is resistant to external influences
- Fast and “gentle” process
- Possibility of engraving temperature-sensitive materials like glass or sensors

The most frequently used laser engraving methods are deep engraving, black engraving and white engraving with an engraving machine.

Our high-tech laser marking machine:


Feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions or need more information about laser marking or laser engraving. We will be happy to advise you!